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Working with me

For some people there is a clear reason for seeking counselling, for others it can be a sense that something needs to change in order to create a life that is fulfilling and authentic.

I am aware that counselling can be a place of uncertainty both in what to expect and how the process works. I offer reassurance at every step, and encourage people to share with me anything that I can do to make the process feel easier.

In order to feel able to share your inner world, you need to feel safe. I understand that within feeling safe, a relationship that holds and honors you is essential.

I offer respect, understanding, and empathy, and work hard to ensure that all conditions needed for development and deepening of trust are present in the way that I work.

Whatever your reasons for seeking counselling, I offer a safe and confidential space, which is warm, accepting and non-judgmental. My sessions are client led and you are always in control of our work together.

Please feel free tocontact me if you would like further information or to discuss working together.

Amy Law-Smith: Eastbourne Counsellor

Individual Counselling - £60

Couples - £80


Concessions available dependent upon circumstances.

Amy Law-Smith: Eastbourne Counsellor
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