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Client Comments

Amy is a very calm, warm person who made me feel very at ease, she helped me look at and question what was going on within me that I could change. My sessions with her were very helpful. Just being able to talk to someone and feel heard was wonderful.


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once again for what you have done during this process by helping me to a much better understanding of life in general and helping me through what can only best be described as a personal minefield. I have emerged a better person in a much better place.


At my worst point I was incapable of doing anything including thinking, and could not imagine recovery. However I was fortunate to have a wonderful counsellor. I can honestly say with her help I was able to put myself back together again. What I cant explain is how she managed it - (I had felt useless and ridiculous and believed I had nothing to say). I do know she made me feel safe to explore and untangle some very difficult feelings, thoughts and physical sensations with warmth, patience and a total validation of my struggle and worth. I would recommend Amy in a heartbeat. 

From the moment I met Amy I felt comfortable, to be able to sit and discuss my feelings openly without anyone judging me really helped. Her support has helped me no end. Highly recommended.

Amy is a very empathetic person, who creates a warm and confidential atmosphere, her sincere smile and caring attitude can open doors to your innermost thoughts, enabling you to discover where they are. From the first session with just one question Amy showed me a space that I didn't even realise existed. I started to understand myself much better and stopped blaming myself for every little thing. My self-care and acceptance has developed significantly.


I would highly recommend Amy as everyone deserves to learn about self. 

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